Ropes Course

Team Development staff member contact:
Alex Smith       (864) 395-5302     

Group Initiatives on Location               $
40.00 per person

A traveling challenge course program at your
choice of location. Group activities range from simple to very challenging, and are
designed to fit your group needs and timeline.                                                                  


Low Ropes Course                                          $60.00 per person

An energizing and engaging set of low element team
challenges that become more challenging as the day progresses. Expect groups to
strengthen their communication, leadership, and conflict resolution skills.             


Low & High Ropes Course                           $70.00 per person

An in-depth progression of several low element team
challenges, and multiple high element team challenges providing exceptional team
building, trust, and problem solving experiences.*                                                           
      *High Ropes minimum requirements: 12 years old and 5 feet tall.



Daily Course Rates include 4- 8 hours of Ropes Course Activity. Activities are custom designed for your groupís desired objectives.
Estimate an hour, on average, for each ropes course element. Thought provoking debriefs are included as a critical program component of each activity.
High and Low Ropes group size recommendation is 7-14 participants. Groups must have at least 7 participants, and groups larger than 14 may be divided into smaller teams.


  • Lunch may be provided on site upon request. Please call for meal pricing.
  • Please make arrangements with the Phoenix Center to schedule your group at least 4 weeks prior to your event date to ensure availability

Expect an incredible journey,

and new insights into your team!

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